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User Experience Design & Research

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I am deeply troubled about the climate catastrophe that is upon us. I'll be blunt: Sugarcoating won't help mobilising the amount of people power we desparately need. Spending time on micro-bullshit-management like plastic straws will barely make a dent. So let's be clever about it.

Not so long ago, I thought we still had time or technology to save the day. I was wrong. It is important to admit this – I was on the wrong side of the science. I focus on change now instead of collapse.

The possibilities for profound change are vast and fascinating. I hope we are already working together. I literally mean anybody on the job to keep the planet habitable – keep going! Show me, if you like. Or take a look at my toolbox and journey the past years and years to come. With love for the planet and all the weird living things roaming about it!



Stay funky.

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